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A family member of the mints. Recognizable by its tiny grayish-green leaves, it has a subtle, dry aroma and slightly minty flavor.

An aromatic herb that has peppery taste. Dried oregano has more flavor than fresh ones. Rich in minerals and vitamins, it is often used fresh or dried in cooked recipes.

Its leaves are deep green and have a very refined taste. Commonly used to add flavor to a dish. Can be added fresh or cooked but should not be combined with other herbs or it will loses its taste.

Has an intense and concentrated flavor. Often used fresh or dried. Can also be used in salads and sauces.

Use fresh to season soups, fish, poultry and egg dishes, as it lifts the flavor of the dish with a taste of onion.

A flavorful, oak-leaf shaped green with a peppery taste. Adds a powerful health boost to any dish. Promotes digestive regularity and lower cholesterol.

Wild Roquette
Slightly hotter compared to plain roquette. Maybe used as a peppery addition to salad mixes.

Strong and warm in flavor, it is commonly used to freshen a dish. Its highly fragrant leaves are used as a seasoning herb for a variety of food.

Italy Parsley
Flat parsley has more flavor than the curly ones, its often used in sauces, soup and even curries. Usually are added raw at the end of cooking a dish.
Mint Leaves
Cooling and refreshing, fresh mint leaves may be added to drinks and dishes as garnish. It can also be crushed and blended to make sauces and desserts.

With a mild minty flavor and a taste of ginger, the combination of these flavor gives a wonderful aroma. May be used fresh or dried.

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