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Round Cabbage
also known as Green Cabbage
Low in calories, cabbage is fat free and cholesterol free. Other than vitamin C, it is an excellent source of fiber and vitamin K. Its richness in antioxidant compound keeps you youthful and dewy.
Chinese Cabbage
also known as Napa Cabbage
With its wonderful ruffled texture, Chinese cabbage is best eaten raw. As it is relatively high in absorb-able calcium, and low in calories, its high in chew-appeal makes it effortless to achieve a healthy diet.
also known as Love Apple
Sweet, juicy, and delicious, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, making your skin look great. Vitamin K and calcium in tomato are both very good for strengthening and repairing bones.


Cherry Tomato

also known as Baby Tomato

Slightly smaller and sweeter than conventional tomatoes but equally nutritious. May be used for a garnish on a hot or cold dish, in an entree or as a healthy snack on its own.


Japanese Cucumber

also known as Kyuri

A favorite in Japan for its long, slender, dark green fruit that is mild and has few seeds. It is never bitter and entirely edible while the flesh is crisp, crunchy, succulent and tender firm. Its flavors are bright, effervescent and melon-like.




Jalapeno Hot Pepper

also known as Chile Pepper

Smooth, firm and bright green, the crisp, juicy flesh offers a powerful bite. An excellent source of vitamin C and the B vitamins. May be added to a variety of dishes for a mild heat.



Hot Chili Cameron

Spicy nature of red chili adds on heat and flavor to any meal. It has a tingling spice taste that no other chili has.


Bell Pepper

also known as Capsicum

Bright, glossy, and bell-like shape. Bell peppers are firm, juicy and thick-fleshed. Green bell pepper is less sweet than red bell pepper.



Long Brinjal

also known as Egg Plant

Glossy, black-purple skin, long brinjal with cream colored fleash has a spongy-firm texture that are tasty with flavoring. Can be baked, roasted, steamed and stir-fry.

With dark green to near black skin, it is lean in calories and contains more than 90% water. Mild, versatile and can be prepared in sweet or savory recipes.
Ranges in color from a pale yellow to a light orange with meaty flesh, when cooked properly, it has a fine texture and a sweet mild flavor. It supports healthy eyesight and beneficial to bone and cell development.

Entirely edible, it has a sweet, licorice-like flavor and citrus notes. Smaller bulbs are most fragrant and succulent.
White Radish
also known as Daikon
A mild-flavored radish with a wide variety of culinary uses. It is high in water content and often used to simmer soup.
Ti Wang Miu
Water Cress
also known as Chile Pepper
With deep green leaves, and crisp paler stems, its one of the strongest-tasting salad leaves available. It has a pungent, slightly bitter, peppery flavour and is highly nutritious. Good combined in a salad with milder leaves, or made into soup.

Pea Sprout
also known as Pea Shoots
Their soft leaves, curly-cue tendrils and watery stems holds flavor of spring peas. The stems are crunchy with juiciness and the tendrils are just delicious. Favorably stir-frying with garlic.

Small Pak Choy
also known as Baby Chinese Cabbage
Has light green leaves and stems. Compared to white pak choy, this small pak choy has a firmer and stronger flavor and taste.
White Pak Choy
also known as Capsicum
Their stems are juicy and the leaves are sweet. It is crunchy and has a mild flavor.
Japanese Kale
Chinese Kale
also known as Kailan
Having thick and small stems, the leaves and stems are edible. It is sweet and can often stir-fried, steamed or boiled.

Milky White Pak Choy
also known as Toy Choy
Has thick, broad, milky white petioles and glossy, dark green leaves. Its stem are crunchy and juicy with tender leaves that are great for stir-fry.
Japanese Spinach
also known as mustard spinach
Has large green leaves that are rich in calcium and quite glossy. Its versatility allows it to be stir-fried, pickled, boiled and added to soups.

Spring Onion
Have a similar flavor to onions, but are much milder. Useful for adding a marked onion note to dishes, particularly when used raw.
French Bean
also known as green bean
About four inches in length and have a slight point at both their ends, the color of french beans is deep emerald. Filled with healthy dietary fibers and helpful in energizing the body.

Camoron Leek
also known as Green onion
Leeks contain detoxifying properties. Having a mild onion-like taste, it is crunchy and firm when eaten raw. Boiling turns it soft while frying leaves it crunchier. Favorable for adding flavor to stock.
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