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Tuesday, 14 January 2014 07:05
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We hold on to the principle of ensuring that From Farm to Plate, every stage is ensured to meet the required standards in terms of food safety, the freshness, quality and cleanliness of the vegetables.

Secured Mechanism
We pledge to provide only vegetables that are of good quality for our customers, and to live up to that promise, we carefully monitor every stage at which our vegetables are produced and processed. From the soil of the farm where the vegetables are nurtured, to the water quality and environment of the farmland; all these are included in a secured mechanism, with every phase adhering to the HACCP management system. Our vegetables are regularly examined to make sure that the products meet the required standards in terms of cleanliness, quality and food safety. For better assurance, wholesalers, retailers or even consumers can easily trace where their vegetables come from as the source of vegetables are clearly stated on the labels.

Convenient Purchase, Freshness Maintained
From farm directly to our customers, we provide what is essential nowadays to consumers – CONVENIENCE. Within the shortest time possible, we strive to deliver the vegetables to our customers in order to maintain its freshness, without having to apply any artificial preservatives or additives. Our quality packaging also plays a key part in sustaining the freshness of the vegetables, making sure our customers receive the vegetables at its best.

Quality assured
Top quality planting environment, strict adherence to quality standards, carefully selected varieties, scientific planting methods; these are the keys to producing products that promise quality.

Production Farm
Our products are mainly sourced from farms in the Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands is known for its cooling weather, sufficient sunlight, fertile soils and pollution-free condition; a conducive environment for producing fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Quality Varieties
We use carefully selected seeds, locally-produced ones or imported, to produce our vegetables.

Scientific Planting Methods
Our producing partners also practice the Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in the farm practices, a farm practice certification acknowledged by local and international authorities. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) are specific methods which, when applied to agriculture, create food for consumers or further processing that is safe and wholesome. Among the practices are such as: reducing erosion by wind and water through hedging and ditching; application of fertilizers at appropriate moments and in adequate dosage (i.e., when the plant needs the fertilizer) etc.

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