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F&H Agrifood supplies vegetables directly from its production farms to customers. Eliminating the conventional middlemen channel, we are committed to ensure that every handling stage meets the required standards in terms of food safety, cleanliness, freshness and quality, before the produce reaches our customers.

In order to live up to our tagline, “From Farm to Plate, Freshness and Safety Assured”, our farm produce are transported daily from farms to our collection center. Carefully selected from farms that are located away from industrialized areas, our products are then processed through a series of cleaning, trimming, sorting, packaging and labeling before being delivered to our customers within the shortest time possible.

We practice a systematic and safe quality management system, ensuring that all our handling processes adhere to the globally accredited HACCP system, from receiving farm produce to the packaging and delivering of the products to our customers. We are now in the process of upgrading our system to an automated one in order to increase the productivity of our company, and at the same time, making sure that the quality and food safety standards are maintained at the required level.