Our Manifesto
Written by Administrator
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It all started with a humble desire --- to provide fresh vegetables that are safe to consume for our customers. I wished to see people being able to eat freely, without having to worry about where their food comes from. Agriculture is an important sector in the country’s economy, providing us with food, crops, livestock and seafood that are grown, raised and caught. Agriculture is highly dependent on specific climate conditions. Changes in temperature, amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), and the frequency and intensity of extreme weather could have significant impact on crop yields.

In the recent years, intense modernization and uncontrolled development has caused adverse effects to the environment, and sadly, agriculture has been affected too. More extreme temperature and precipitation can prevent crops from growing. Extreme events, especially floods and droughts, can harm crops and reduce yields. Many weeds, pests and fungi thrive under warmer temperatures, wetter climates, and increased CO2 levels, causing farmers to spend more every year to fight weeds, bringing about an increased use of pesticides and fungicides, of which may negatively affect human health.

Many who are concern about food safety may have learned about the benefits of consuming organically-planted vegetables. However, based on the experiences gained throughout these years in vegetable production, it appeared to me that even though organic vegetables are safer as compared to conventionally produced vegetables, there is still the problem with pests. Due to the absence of the use of pesticides,

This has caused many nights of searching and discovering of a way to overcome this problem. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds? Is it possible to have vegetables that are not only pesticides-free, but also pests-free for safer consumption? Yes! In order to achieve that, we came up with a food handling and management system to ensure that our vegetables are carefully selected, cleaned and processed before reaching our customers. We hope that when our customers eat vegetables that bear the label “F&H”, they know that they are eating vegetables that are safe, clean, healthy and of great quality! And this has been our drive to do better even since!

After years of hardwork and strive, F&H is now a trustable brand in the market for vegetables, recognized not only by industry partners, but also by our customers.

We also believe in protecting the environment and treating our mother earth with care in the process of producing our vegetables. To have a cleaner and better world to live in, it takes one step at a time to bring that change, and the best time to start is now!